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Surf Like A Pro
With Surf Well Bali Surfing School

Get ready to catch some waves in Canggu, Bali!

Book your surf lessons now and ride the waves like a pro

Best Surf Lessons In Canggu Bali

Surfer taking surfing lessons in Canggu.JPG

Whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced surfers, in Bali waves are for everyone. Our professional and qualified local surf instructors will bring you to the right spot, depending on your level, to make sure that you have an unforgettable surf experience in Canggu, Bali. 


We assure unique and professional surf lessons, safety, and a lot of fun. Support the locals - Surf well Bali!

Our surf lessons include:

Private Surf Guide

During your surf lessons in Canggu, our experienced instructor will be in the water with you. To ensure you learn in a safe and fun environment.

Surf Board

We provide a variety of surfboards, for surfers of all needs and ages.

Instruction Theory

Participants will learn surfing techniques and board control before going in the water.

Surf Spot Instruction

Our guide will assist you in choosing the best spot on the beach to surf.

UV protection lycra

The UV protection wet suits will protect you from sunburns without compromising your movement.


Our surf Canggu lesson package includes a refreshment you could enjoy during or after the sessions.

Pick up at the Hotel

We provide a free pick-up for participants staying around Canggu.

Drop Off

After the sessions, we can arrange a drop-off at your hotel.

Surf Well Bali instructor teaching standing surfers on surfboards

 IDR 500.000 / US$35 

Are you looking for a holiday activity?

Surfing is a must-do. We will pick you up around Canggu and then go surfing where the waves are perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers. Let's jump into the water and experience the great feeling of riding a wave!

Surfers learn to lift their surfboards on the Canggu beach

 IDR 450.000 / US$32 

Meet At Canggu Beach         

You live close to the beach or do you have your own transport? Then we could just meet at the beach. We also offer weekly appointments so you can practice regularly. As the swell is not always the same, we are flexible to always provide good conditions for our surf lessons. 

Surfers learn to stand on a surfboard with the small waves of Canggu Beach..jpg

 IDR 650.000 / US$42

Have you ever been surfing before?

Let's give it a try at one of Canggu's beaches. By request we can also pick you up in Seminyak, Kuta and Legian. At the beach you will get a surf board and everything else you need for a fun and safe surf session. Don't miss it!

Because discovering new surf spots is thrilling, we offer trips to many other surf spots in Bali such as Uluwatu, the longest left hander in Medewi, or the East Coast. With our surf guides' knowledge about all the spots, tides and conditions, they can plan the perfect trip for you.

The waves at Uluwatu Beach are perfect for advanced surfers.JPG

 IDR 900.000 / US$64 

​Check out the waves in Uluwatu!

Around Bukit are many perfect waves and beautiful beaches. If you are confident in taking waves by yourself, it might be a good, new challenge for you. It is also possible to jump into the water twice. Suitable For Advanced Surfers.         

Surfing at Madewi Beach, one of the Surf Well Bali surf trip packages.jpg

 IDR 1.100.000 / US$78 

​If nothing goes right, surf Bali's longest left! Medewi is not a tourist place yet; the lineup is still empty and you will see a different and beautiful side of Bali.

It's a magical place. As this spot is a bit further away, let us know if you want to stay the night, so we can surf for two days. Suitable for Intermediate Surfers.

Surf Trip Serangan Island_edited.jpg

 IDR 1.000.000 / US$70

Take the boat to surf next to the 'Turtle Island' Enjoy the boat ride that will bring you around the untouched Turtle Island to the hidden reef break. The view is beautiful and this spot also works when it's too windy on the west coast. Suitable for Intermediate dan Advanced Surfers.      

Surf Trips Lombok by Surfwellbali.JPG

Minimum 2 People

Embark on an thrilling surf adventure to the stunning Indonesian island of Lombok, where the perfect fusion of untamed nature and world-class waves awaits. Your surf trip to Lombok promises an unforgettable blend of adrenaline-pumping rides, breathtaking landscapes, and a vibrant local culture.

As you navigate the waves, you'll be surrounded by the mesmerizing beauty of Lombok's natural scenery. Imagine pristine beaches with golden sands, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and lush green hills as the backdrop to your surf sessions. The unspoiled landscapes create a tranquil environment, providing the perfect balance between thrilling surf experiences and moments of serenity.

The kid is learning to handle a wave at Canggu Beach.jpg

The earlier you start, the better! It does not matter what age, everybody who wants to experience the great feeling when you stand on the board or ride a wave should jump into the water with us. Maybe as a fun holiday activity for the whole family, for others, it could become a weekly appointment. You can also come with all your friends to celebrate your birthday!

the kids are learning to ride a surfboard with the Surf Well Bali Instructor.JPG

IDR 450.000 / US$32

It does not matter whether you have ever tried a water sport before, we will teach you how to surf.  In the beginning, we can even surf on one board together. Let's meet at the beach and give it a try. You will love it, for sure. The surf lessons package for kids includes pick-up at Canggu. 

Teenagers are learning to ride the waves on a surfboard.jpg

IDR 400.000 / US$28

Weekly Kids Surf Lessons

Do you live in Bali and would like to continue or start a new hobby? We would love to teach you weekly. Surfing is the perfect sport for mental balance and the more often you surf the faster you will improve, so let us know which day is good for you. The weekly surf lessons package for kids includes pick-up at Canggu.

Kids get ready to start surfing lessons at Batu Bolong Beach.jpg

IDR 350.000 / US$25

Kids Surf Lessons For Birthday Party

Haven't you always wanted to do some great activity for your birthday? Our super friendly and funny surf guides will help to make it an unforgettable day for you. On top of that, our professional photographer 

can take pictures of the memories. Surf lessons for groups of kids.

Surfer Review On Google Map

Woman Surfer Sulin Quak.webp

Sulin Quak

5-stars google map surf well bali.png

"Surfed for 6 sessions with Welsen and Jack and they are truly very professional instructors. They made us feel safe in the ocean always."

Woman Surfer Miranda Ferris Review Surf Well Bali on Google Maps.webp

Miranda Ferris

5-stars google map surf well bali.png

"Had an incredible two days of surfing. Irfan was really fun and patient and even had me standing up and surfing in the first session!! "

Male Surfer Stefan Jipa give 5 strar for Surf Well Bali School.webp

Stefan Jipa

5-stars google map surf well bali.png

"Great experience!! Definitely worth trying. Ricky and Bambang were amazing with us, very patient and supportive, they got us up on the wave safety..."

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