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 Our team of professional, local surf instructors will do our best to make sure that you will have a great time and an amazing surf! 

All of us speak fluent English and as certified life guards we will take care of your safety at any time. We are experienced and passionate surfers ourselves, that's why we want to take you into the world of surfing; the indescribable  feeling of riding a green wave and the positive surfer vibes.

Dive into the local surf life with us!


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Hey guys,

my name is Welsen. I'm the person behind Surf Well Bali, together with my brother, Ricky, and my friends. Learning how to surf is a 'must-do' when you come to Bali. To make sure that you have a great time we will do our best!

Get in touch with locals to learn not only about surfing, but also about the country you've traveled to. We are interested in meeting different people every day and we're always in for a chilled one or a sunset beer after the session. Hang loose!



Hey everybody,

my name is Ricky. I started surfing when I was a child and since then I'm caught by the feeling of riding a wave and being in the water from sunrise until sunset. I would like to take you with me so you can experience this incredible feeling yourself! As a surf guide I love to get to know new people from all over the world, so: let's meet up and learn how to surf!  


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