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Bali Surf Guide for Your Holiday Enjoyment

Bali Surfing

Bali is boosting lots of water spots for surfing, boat rides and even swimming. This is because of its coastal line position so ocean water is always the basis of recreational activities. As a traveler who hasn’t gotten used to surfing, it is paramount to ensure you know some few specific aspects about surfing. This guided general information from Surf Well Bali will in brief tell you the core things about the surfing activities in Bali.

Bali Weather and Seasons

Take note that weather doesn’t limit experiences but it determines how one will feel when being in the surfing spots. You need to make sure you plan the best time for yourself for a wonderful surfing experience. Dry season normally starts from May to September and it is known to accommodate excellent summer experiences. The weather is normally sunny and hot so it would be good if your surf travel is made during this season. November to March is the wet season where rains and cool weather is common. The weather is comfortable so if you can still surf during that cool season, you are allowed but it won’t be much fun as compared to surfing during the hot weather.

Best Seasons and Places to Go for Surfing

Bali is more than Kuta, Denpasar, Ubud and some other familiar names. and it contains various surfing places so you need to know where you will be heading to. For example, November to March is the common surfing period for Bali East Coast. May to September is for surfing experiences in Bali West coast. It all depends on the tides and size of water at the shores of the ocean. For experts, they can surf even in the fiercest waves but for beginners, they need moderate waves to be able to surf happily without any anxieties. Below are some of the best places to go for surfing.

Best Surfing Spots in Bali

Keramas, this is a perfect place for both beginners and experienced surfers who can manage medium to high end waves. In this surfing spot, you are able to enjoy excellent experience because there are trained surf specialists who will make sure you are taken through every step of your surfing experience.

Green Bowl/Green Ball

This is a spot that is well-maintained for surfing so it is extremely safe and well-protected for your surfing experience. Every holiday, thousands of visitors from across the world normally come to do their surfing experience in this region. You are therefore able to see friends and join them, get motivation and even learn more skills for you to become a real pro.

Nusa Dua

The name insinuates a single place but it is known to have several spots that will be able to make you enjoy variety of surfing experiences. You can also check the Sanur spot; it also has the best surfing spot where you will always enjoy excellent outcomes. Always surf in the areas where you can manage the waves and breaks especially if you are a beginner.

Check Surf Well Bali as Your Guide

Bali is the best surfing place for you so you can have the best experience. If you don’t know how and where to surf around and you would like to become a surfer, there are surfing professionals and schools where you can enroll and you will be taught as you indulge into the exercise. For personal consultation and planning ahead with local guide in Bali, you can direct your questions and interests to Welsen.

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