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Surfing in Bali for Beginners

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

If you have heard about Bali, it may also come into mind the beaches as the popular spots to spend the time in the open. Known as Island of Gods, Bali is also popular as surfing destinations among the surfing beginners and enthusiasts.

A bit different from other surfing spots like California, Hawaii and Australia, Bali has the beaches to surf during year-round period. Whether you prefer to surf during high and low season of tourists, whether it is dry or wet season, you have the options to decide ahead before you set foot on the island.

If you are beginner in surfing, the local surf guide in Bali like Surf Well Bali will provide the information on the swell, tides and other local conditions where you choose to surf, particularly beaches in Canggu where Surf Well Bali is located. Canggu is beach town with surfing culture that will make your stay enjoyable.

There are choices of beaches to surf such as Kuta, Uluwatu, Padang Padang, longest left hander in Medewi and the East Coast, which are the spots for experienced surfers. So, if you are beginner, Canggu is the right spot in Bali where you want to learn to surf with the guide or surf instructor.

There is good reason where Surf Well Bali is based in Canggu. Located in Southwest of Bali to the north of Kuta, the waves are for all level of surfers during dry and wet seasons.

However, Canggu is famous for barrels with powerful breaks, therefore beginner should be aware of the spot he/she will surf. Echo and Batu Bolong beaches are the spot for beginners.

Surf lessons in Canggu is available for beginners. Surf Well Bali has professional and qualified local surf instructors that will bring to the right spot as beginner, assuring unique experience with safety and lots of fun is taken care of.

As beginner, you don’t have to bring the surf board as it is provided along with UV protection lycra. Pick-up can be requested but drop off is inclusive. You will get surf board that suits your weight and height. Size of the board will affect the difficulty to get the speed and catch the wave.

Check out with Surf Well Bali for surf lessons for beginner, so you may come prepared to Bali to enjoy first surf holiday you can imagine, contact us.

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