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Surf Championship Bali as Afterthought

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

When you are such avid surfer in Bali, you have paddled and showed up on surf spot across for daily chores with surfing. You speak like surf pro and understand the slang in the community. You know by heart every twist and turn and left or right hand swell is good for you, then it is right for you to go and maybe join some surf championship happening in Bali.

These are some of the highlights on the surfing events for competition and championship that Bali has organized for amateur and professional.

Some of them are regularly held and some is part of competition tour backed by Asian Surfing Championships (ASC).

To conduct these kinds of activities as calendar event in Bali would certainly help to pair up local, regional and international talents at its finest showcase and equally the right opportunity to find promising future talents taking on the island’s famous surf breaks.

Surf competition events are something not to miss out while you stay in Bali.

Some of the calendar events are:

1. The Mad Hueys Komune Bali Pro, held in Keramas Beach, Gianyar, an event sanctioned by World Surf League (WSF), slated for April. This is surfing event dedicated to those aspiring surfers to hit higher climb to be the elite of WSF. This is great opportunity to see seasoned surfers in action and world class quality.

2. REnexstop Asian Surfing Tour, which attracts surfers from Asia Pacific region and as well as Brazil, USA to hit the breaks for a 4-day event. It is held in Echo beach, Canggu, in June.

3. Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang which is a highly anticipated event, witnessing one of the biggest annual competitions in Bali. It is best opportunity to see world’s best surfers for their performance barreling to the top of famous breaks of Padang Padang near Uluwatu. It is to be held within July – August.

4. Volcom Stone Totally Crustaceous Tour. It is part of global run since 1999. It is an open contest in April in Lembeng beach in Sanur, which draws hundreds of participants, catering to young surfers for fun prizes and qualifying spot in TCT Indonesian finals, which happens in August at Kuta Beach.

5. Quiksilver Uluwatu Challenge is another event in August at Uluwatu beach for pro surfers, which is co-sponsored by Quiksilver and Coca Cola, part of Bali’s Big Eco Weekend and coincide with annual celebration of Indonesia’s Independence Day on August 17. It also carries the campaign that calls for cleaner and safer beaches while promoting active and healthy lifestyle through surfing.

6. Rip Curl GromSearch. It is staged at six different surf spots in Indonesian archipelago. Any surfer under 16 will get the chance to show off their shot. Its third leg has been held in Canggu in 2016 and 2018. It comes to Bali’ leg in September.

7. The Hurley Bingin Open on Bingin beach by Bingin Boardriders has six distinct category of competitions, i.e. under 14, under 16, woman’s, master’s, pro junior and open. It attracts competitors from around the world, and they may come every October.

8. Surf Jam Bali. This is an annual festival of mostly Russian surfers riding the waves in various customs that becomes the unique impressions to witness in Bali. Actual competitions include long board and short board. It is organized in Balian beach, West Bali, in November as tentative schedule.

The highlight of top surfing championship 2019 in Bali was held on May 13 -25 marked as Corona Bali Protected.

At Keramas beach where tube rides and powerful barrels are mixtures that test the skills of pro surfers, it is one of the world-class surfing spots where the championship took place in Australia, to Indonesia, then Brazil, South Africa, North America, France and Hawaii.

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